April 20, 2012

splurge vs save

i have been wanting a chic pair of pink sandals since this post,
the dv archer sandals to be exact.
but i just couldnt bring my self to shell out so much.
i held off buying them and lo and behold target has done it again!
they are not an exact replica, but they are pretty damn close  :)
dv sandals (top) can be found here
target sandals (bottom) can be found here


Liz said...

Super cute! I absolutely LOVE when I can get a splurge for an affordable cost! I almost NEVER buy anything full priced anymore.

Liz said...

Okay, I just went to Target and wanted the "saves" you found...but they only had the style IDENTICAL to the expensive ones!

Adam Alex said...

that is tooo funny!!! i thought these just came out, the ones from target. you're ahead of me, haha! have a great day!