January 29, 2011

do it yourself

i never think up DIY's on my own, but i sure do appreciate those who share their creations with us non-original human beings so we can recreate :) how simple do these look too?!

...love Maegan & I Spy DIY are blogs I visit regularly for inspiration.

where do you go for inspirational ideas??


Laura said...

I love these! I wish I was a bit more creative but usually all my DIY projects come from someone else too. I've got to admit that Martha Stewart is always full of great ideas and I love ReadyMade magazine too. And there are just too many great crafty blogs out there to name! Thanks for linking up these great projects!

kendallcrow said...

These are awesome! I love Maegans blog too! and not so secretly wish I could steal half of her closet, haha.