June 24, 2011

lady in red

so my friends have come & gone and we had a blast.
pictures to come, promise.

but for now, i have to feature this amazing reddish orange dress that my friend shanna left for me to borrow until my visit home in september. ahhh, i forgot to mention that boyfriend and i have booked a trip home to dallas to relax for 3 weeks and for him to meet the fam & friends. and i forgot to mention that on the way there we chose to layover for like 9 hours in amsterdam. and i forgot to mention that while in dallas we are hopping to cozumel, mexico for a 5-day all inclusive mini vacay. in other words- we are so excited and already counting down the days! (plus, we will land in dallas on my birthday. it doesnt get better than this!)

anyways, back to the dress. it's a maxi which im loving and i love the deep v-neck and the ruffled, scrunched-in waist. it was perfect to throw on for class because i could sit cross-legged. i can never sit still in class...


Neris said...

I LOVE your maxi dress! Such a nice color and it looks really nice on you!


Fashion Fractions

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

Note to self I need to get a reddish-orange maxi, & I am not even a fan of red. I am glad you get to come home, & super glad about the trip to Mexico. I need to get out of AZ. & yay about crossing your legs while wearing a dress. I could never sit in class in one position.


C & M said...

I LOVE the dress! :D gorgeous :) great blog!

kcomekarolina said...

cool look!

xoxo from rome

MollMan said...

who's that sexy?! hahaha