June 19, 2011

stairway to the sky

i am on a high right now. being surrounded by friends is even more fun that i remember...that sounds sad, but i miss my besties and having a few here in my home and in my country makes me giddy. we/ they are traveling, experiencing new things, making tons of inside jokes and taking a buttload of pics that i will post as soon as i get my hands on them. but in the meantime, i will post this photo dekel took with his phone, it's the tucker for target dress i ordered here, and i wore it with heels to work and changed to sandals for class. isnt the burgendy color/ print great?


Natalie Leung said...

lovely dress, love the print. nicely teamed with khaki :)


Anonymous said...

the dress looks gorgeous on you!!! hope you had a great weekend!

Ramsey said...

I love love love the color of this dress! Target? Awesome!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

I really loved that dress!! I wanted to get it, but I waited too long. I did get the turquoise blouse, though, and I LOVE it! Great picture...love the back ground & Your flats!

Courtney B said...

That dress is adorable!! And your sandals are even better! You are so pretty!
Have fun with your friends :)

jill said...

just stumbled on your blog. what a pretty dress! I love the orange sandals.