October 17, 2010

that time of the month

It's that time of the month. People have creepishly decorated for Halloween and are beginning to brainstorm for what costume to create or buy. I know it's right around the corner & I wish I was in the states to celebrate this holiday with friends at a themed party or with family by handing out treats to trick-or-treaters.

In Israel, we celebrate Purim, but that is in March..

What is everyone going to be for Halloween?

PS. How cute is Gwen??


kendallcrow said...

i love the cat costume, it's actually very similar to what i'll be for halloween. i'll be donning a black wig too :) a little change from being a blondie, could be fun.

CoffeeBlooms said...

I looove the little tiger child!! is so cute!!
I've still no idea on what to wear for Halloween ! :)

rubi said...

i love halloween. it's too bad you don't get to dress up for it this year...but i bet isreal is worth it. :)