September 7, 2011

me and some cows

just a quick post about what i wore this past weekend to a delishious dinner at the boyfriends family's house. and i thought to share some photos of my "backyard." i live in a village called 'tel adashim' here in israel and there are tons of cows everywhere. sometimes i just think its kinda funny.

 a beautiful necklace my bestie brought me back from her honeymoon in hawaii
 i seriously wear the hell outta these sandals.
im kinda sad to have to trade them in for boots soon...
 a tractor near my home
 the cows
 they are pretty cute

hope you guys are having a great week so far.  =)
tomorrow kicks off the beginning of the weekend & i couldn't be more excited that our trip to texas is in less than 3 weeks!!!!!!


Sara C. said...

i want to fly far too!!
Have a nice day
Sara C.

Lindsay With An "A" said...

You look SO cute! Low key, yet stylish :) Hope you had fun with the cows! LOL

Anait said...

Nothing like a few cows to accent a photo ;) I DID get your awesome letter, pen pal! And I've sent the reply a few days ago (Im so behind)...I sent you an e-mail too, so check and see if you got it :)

Duygu said...

great blog darling!