September 20, 2011

flying far

boyfriend and i will be flying far next week.
our first stop is beautiful amsterdam:
where we will inevitably hit up one of the infamous cafes 
then we are headed to good 'ol dallas, texas
where, no doubt about it, we will visit ft.worth
and college station, to visit my brother
we will surely make a trip to the state fair
and to six flags
then we planned for a 5 night stay in cozumel, mexico
all photos via google images


in other words...

i am excited beyond expression & can not wait to see my family and friends who i have not seen or hugged in over a year.

i especially can not wait to:
1. show dekel around dallas, my home, where i went to school,
favorite restaurants, etc...
2. see his reaction to all things american
3. indulge in mexican food & margaritas
4. hit up six flags & the state fair!!!
5. just lounge around with friends
6. celebrate my birthday with my traditional ice cream cake

can you tell im excited?? =)
anyways, i hope to squeeze in another post before taking off on monday night, but if not then posting will resume at the end of october when we return. i will come back with tons of photos & fun stuff to share so i hope i dont lose any readers over this 3 week break. i know it sucks when a blogger sort of just up& doesnt post for-like-ever. but bear with me! and wish me bon voyage!


C & M said...

your blog is awesome! i love the photos!

vintage process said...

Nice pictures! I love it!!

Miss Molly said...

wow! you lucky girl! that sounds like the most amazing trip!


Martaaa said...

this does really sound like fun! no wonder you're so excited! reading this just makes me wanna book a flight a travel somewhere far, far, far...
very nice blog!:) I'll make sure to stop by in 3 weeks time and check how did your travel go:)

An Interesting Distraction

xoxo, dania said...

sounds like a blast! hope yall have fun!

Ragazza said...

I really like ur blog. U got one new reader :).
Following each other? :)
visit me :)

Alex said...

if you can, be sure to hit the state fair during the Texas v. OU football game - it's insanity. have a great trip!


you should stop in Houston!!! have a wonderful journey!!!

xoxo, dania said...

it looks like you had soo much fun!!