September 9, 2011

im a glitter girl

that title makes me feel like i should bust out singing "barbie girl" by aqua. anyone? anyways, i am seeing glitter everywhere & have even started incorporating it into my wardrobe and makeup, either with an accented shimmer or a touch of sparkle eyeshadow. (nothing tacky, i will not go all 7th grade on you guys)

i am also loving the glitter guide. have yall gotten on this bandwagon and checked it out? i think its too cute of a website & i love finding inspiration from there, whether its recipes, must-have trendy seasonal pieces or interviews with vip.

anyways, i pulled through my own inspirational folder to share some pretty pics with you. i am loving the thought of incorporating glitter and sparkle into my life. 

sorry, lost links :/

have a great weekend, ya'll!


M (at) Invoking Inspiration said...

Glitter makes everything better!

Anonymous said...

glitter and sparkle makes me so happy :) i think that is what it was invented for

Jessica Wray said...

That staircase is um-maz-ing!

Anonymous said...

i am obsessed with glitter too! glitter on my nails, shoes, jacket, skirts, whatever!
of course those miu miu booties are so lush!

head and heels said...

O M G !!! just spent some hours with sewing golden paillettes on to a white shirt... and i love it! will post some pics soon. got a new follower now!

all the best from stockholm,
xx mika

John said...

Glitter makes everything better!