August 17, 2011

one picture


* it was somewhat akward looking for a photo of myself for this last challenge, even though i post photos of myself on here all the time....dont know why, so i opted for my facebook photo which has been my profile pic for some time. this photo was taken last june when one of my best friends was here visiting me and we went out to a club. my friend are i are not ones to party balls, but here in israel parties dont even begin until midnight or later, so we took an extra long time to get ready and drank some vodka, red bull while passing time and we ended up having a blast partying.
i really miss her.

** on another note...i have officially completed the 10-day challenge, even though it took me a month! (you can find my first challenge post herenow back to regular-life posting. hope you enjoyed my picks & if you challenged yourself, please leave your link, i would love to come read  =)


minnja said...

Love the photo


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Cute photo! I love your hair color. =)