January 27, 2012

in a hairy situation

hi girls (and guys...if there are any reading this!) ,

i am in a pickle.

i need to decide how to style my hair and makeup for my wedding day which is right around the corner (feb. 14!), since i will be doing them myself.

my dress is a maxi, one shoulder slinky gown, very simple, very comfortable.
i really like the look of the side, low ponytail, as pictured below with my dress:
but i think a grecian-inspired updo would be fitting as well, like these:

which one is your favorite? suggestions are welcomed!  :)


Kristi Miller said...

Hey Miyan! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I think Lauren Conrad or Charlize Theron's hairdos would look great on you!

MaviDeniz said...

I would definitely go with a low sitting up do to really show off the top cut of the dress. It also looks more elegant. There is this hair style that eva longoria wore that was a low sitting updo with curls. It looked amazing.


kat @ paper doll theory said...

i LOVE the maxi dress. your hair style picks are wonderful too! really brings out their highlights

love kat


Springirl Yarden said...

I really like the first up-do!!!

Rachel said...

I adore that first dress - so beautiful!

Stella said...

Congratulation, you will be wonderful!
I prefer the first hairstyling.