January 27, 2012

make me over

my blog is begging for a facelift.
i widened the middle column, if you can even tell, (if there is a problem with my blog fitting into your computer screen, let me know- im new to this whole html editing thing) and i added a bloglovin' button on the lefthand side. i think i also want to change my header, like make it more sophisticated and narrow and add an 'about me' page. i will surely need to research how to do this...it doesnt seem simple. if anyone has blog makeover suggestions, i would love to hear!


marli said...

i wanna learn! how do you widen the middle. mine is too narrow. i can't wait to see your new header... i've been in the mood for one too! =)

Alex Butts said...

I love bloggy makeovers. I just used this program Pixelmator on my Mac to redo my whole blog and had so much fun.