January 15, 2012

ol' greg

this past rainy weekend, boyfriend and i pulled ourselves out of bed at 11 and were immediatly struck by hunger. we decided to throw on some clothes and hop over to cafe greg in afula for some breakfast and conversation. dekel is so cute, on the drive over he was like "i like when we go to breakfast, it means we talk about our future." awww! but hes so right, we find ourselves talking and getting wound up in our near future plans. but, i honestly feel like we have found a great balance of living in the now and looking forward to the future, which i think is really important. i really need to have things to look forward to, im sure everyone can relate. it helps me get through the weeks months without family and best friends around. but dekel and i also take time to go on weekly dates and talk about our current situations, which i find keeps me grounded. i have found my match  =)

at cafe greg
 breakfast with a side of an amazing view
 my wedding band + sally hansen nail stickers. love them.
 cappuccinos + fresh red grapefruit juice
{not pictured: breakfast; we were too hungry to snap shots}
 strawberry banana milkshake for dessert
 a super sweet care package from my pen pal!!!
 opi 'you dont know jacques!' & zoya 'noel'
 i am so excited to try this crushed raspberry fruit smoothie masque! & how cute are the mini m&m's!!!
 yummy scents to try out. i really love dnky's 'pure'

anait, i am preparing your "care package" now...this is fun!


Alex Butts said...

no way those are the nail stickers! work way bette than I ever imagined!

Amber said...

Awww, this is sweet :) It's so good to have those feelings of security and future plans. It really is.

I love these photos... looks like it was a good day. The care package is SO cute! It makes me want a pen pal :) How fun!

Thanks for sharing this with us, dear!

Love & Cake,

Tara said...

Those gifts look great :)


Strawberry Banana Milkshake said...

cappuccino is my favorite...

check pagerank said...

wow milkshake... how much is that?