July 16, 2012

white washed

i painted my nails white & love it!
reflects well off tan skin  =)
going to try to make me some of these chunky bracelets.
them seem make-able, right? i just need to find some different sized & shaped bracelets & buy a super thin permanent marker...
wanting to purchase a plain white blazer for the summatime.
but a plain white blazer should have a little flare, right?
i bought white eyeliner recently & have been using it on the bottom, inner rim of my eye to make them look bigger, but i think ill try to layer it above my liquid liner on my eyelid, like shown.
i need to own a sexy, delicate white-lace number. it's a must!


Vanessa said...

Amazing lace top, and loving the white nails! ...Except it's been raining for months here, so not sure it would look as good next to my in-desperate-need-of-a-tan skin!

Vanessa x

Debra said...

Love your white nails and that flared blazed. Now I want one too. And I'm a cardigan kind of girl. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Diana Marks said...

the last picture is amazing - I love that top!

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