July 11, 2012

my new obsession

iced caf'e!
in israel "iced caf'e" is not coffee on ice, its more like a coffee slurpee.
dekel and i usually splurge when we are at school & order one, but i have recently taken up the art of making it!

milk (i use 1%)
ground coffee
vanilla extract
chocolate chips (could get creative & substitute for sliced almonds or whatever you would like)
cocoa powder
splenda (optional. i like mine sweet) =)
*blender needed

recipe: (for one serving)
pour half a cup of milk in the blender
add two teaspoons of ground coffee
half teaspoon of cocoa powder
one teaspoon of vanilla extract
some chocolate chips
some splenda
& a few ice cubes
and blend all together until frothy and slurpee-y

and enjoy!
do you have a blender?
if so, what's your favorite concoction to blend?
we just recently purchased ours &
i love experimenting making different shakes/ drinks with it.

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