July 22, 2012

an ideal afternoon

this weekend we decided to picnic at our favorite spot.
we love going there, its breath-taking & peaceful.

our picnics usually include some sort of salad & for this particular picnic i made a cobb salad with a super simple dressing. it came out pretty tasty & we devoured it with a loaf of fresh french bread & washed it down with a cold beer.
i washed & cut a head of lettuce, boiled two eggs, cooked some seasoned-with-salt-and-pepper chicken, fried some bacon, cut up tomatoes, blue cheese, purple onion & avacado & voila!
we love us some french bread
we ate the whole thing!
our view
a watermelon field
my go-to zara sandals
being silly
relaxing after lunch
my babe!
seedless oranges for dessert!
earrings were a gift from my sister & mom
and my dress is from marshall's (a store in dallas)

what did you do this weekend??


jackiek said...

um yum!! that salad looks so good. and i can totally devour french bread by myself. this weekend i've been celebrating my birthday!!

Debra said...

Your weekend was much nicer than mine. I only nursed a wisdom tooth that needs to come out. Phewy! Your picnic looks fun. :) The salad and bread look yummy. Love the close up photo of you & your sweetie. You make a cute couple.