July 30, 2012

back in action!

hey guys! im back in blogging action!
all pumped up after a little 30-minute run this morning  :)

anyways, i wanted to share bits & pieces from our tel aviv trip, if you'd like to see.it was just the getaway we needed to relax and have some fun.

i basically mentioned everything we were planning on doing in this post & follow the plan, we did. so i will just cut to the chase & share some a shitload of photos for your viewing pleasure:

at the carmel market
very sweet, very sticky desserts
 olives of all kinds
 sabres, they are the fruit from cacti (called prickly pear in english)
typical israeli candies
 fresh bread that smelled sooo good
 & fresh fish that didnt smell so nice
 vintage jewelry
dek shirt shopping at one of the many stands
trying to get luck in tel aviv. didnt happen.
 at our hotel, resting after walking for hours
 the view from our balcony
 ready to go out!
 i like feet pictures
 ordering some pizza at tony vespa
 we chose mushroom & cheese, peperoni & green onion
and purple onion & artichoke (that one was dekel's pick!)
then we went back for another...
this time 4 cheese! yum!
wearing a new tank from the market
 headed to the breakfast buffet
 yummy breakfast!
 mine: pink grapefruit, melon, burrekas, mix of chopped salads, cheeses with bread & coffee, of course  :)
 his: cabbage salad, hard boiled eggs, puff pastry, toast, veggies and yogurt
view of yaffo from our room
 the port of yaffo
 check out from the lovely dan panorama hotel (i loved that clock!)
 people playing on the beach
 at the old railway station to see the 'bodies' exhibit
 i love this picture! dek has some skill  :)
fisherman dude & the beaches and city of tel aviv in the background
 entering the yaffo port
 i loved all the street art
 rustic boats at the port
 my hot husband
cute little lighthouse
ordering frozen yogurt, our favorite summer treat!
 mine: glazed walnuts, nectarine slices, chocolate candies and peanuts
 his: honeydew, watermelon & granola
 more cool street art
 a random whale fountain in the middle of yaffo
 lovely blue shutters & strung lights above the street
 random door on the streets of yaffo
 an alleyway
 yaffo clock tower

hope you enjoyed the photos!
i have a date to meet up with julie from i am jewelz tomorrow in tel aviv, as her and her husband are in town for his business. tel aviv twice in 1 week...lucky me!
we plan to hit up the markets again (the one in yaffo was closed when dek and i were there this past weekend & its one of the best!!!), grab some lunch and then play on the beach!


Vanessa said...

Looks like a fab holiday Miyan, you and your hubby are SO CUTE together!! :-)

Vanessa x

Fall in Love said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! :)

I would love to visit this place someday!



Morgan Brooks said...

Love the photos. Such a fun looking trip! I'm a new blog fan!
It would mean the world to me, if you could give me your thoughts on my latest post.