July 19, 2012

not yo' mama

just clicked home this texturizing sea salt spray.

i was looking for some texturizing spray to use immediatly after stepping out of the shower to help tame my naturally super-thick & semi-wavy locks and this one got pretty good reviews.

usually, i just let my hair air-dry while i do shit around the house and then i sit down for about 30 minutes to give it beachy waves by putting my schorching hot hair straightener to it. i rarely use product & i want to give it a try.

this beach babe spray is supposed to add great texture, increase volume & give that "i just got back from being at the beach all day, but minus the sticky sea salt skin and sand in uncomfortable places look." 

cant wait to see how it works!

what is your hair routine?
do you use product?


Ash and Eliza said...

oohhh, I would love to know how this works! I have crazy curly hair and I'm always experimenting with different gels during this time of year. Oman doesn't carry the kind I like. Gels without alcohol seem to work best for me.... you should update with a review of this product ;)

Debra said...

I sometimes use mouse in my hair....alcohol free. Does anyone know of any natural hair care products? Would love to give them a try.


Vanessa said...

Can't wait to hear how you get on Miyan - I bought a sea salt spray a few months back too but haven't used it yet - my poor hair gets neglected and is the last thing I think about, and by the time I do - I'm running late! LOL

And can we have pics please too!

Vanessa x

Fall in Love said...

Yes, I use an oil from Capilatis which is great!
I would like to know how it worked for you.



Anait said...

I just bought this and it works awesome for me!!! I think you'll love it. My number one fave is bumble and bumbles surf spray.....but it's too pricey for me to repurchase every mOnth. I also made my own spray with coconut oil, hair gel and water....works exactly like any store bought wave spray!