March 3, 2011


hey hey!
going to meet up with my dad & stepmom for dinner tonight.
i see my dad once every two weeks, as he is so busy, and my stepmom i have not seen for about a year (long story), but im kinda nervous. we did not/ do not get along very well, but to fulfill my dad's desires to 'give it one more shot' i have agreed to meet up with them/ her. at a cafe, where there will be free-flowing wine, and with boyfriend in tow. wish me luck!

thought i might wear this: 

Nordstrom dress, H&O sweater, H&O tights, Hallelu boots, Metropark necklace

My first time using self-timer for outfit photos...akward much?


TOPCOAT said...

This blue colour is everywhere, all over the runways as well! I am loving it, xx

Jen virdell said...

Yes to the outfit! Then again, you can pull off anything and look fabulous! Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope you meet-up goes well!

and yes to the outfit, super good looking :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miyan! I love the outfit, veryyy cute!! have fun tonight booo :) kisses


Sophie said...

gorgeous outfit! you look great. but wow that doesnt sound like the best situation. good luck for it all :) x

Andrea said...

lovin those shoes

jackiek said...

such a cute outfit! good luck with the family! xo

Ramsey said...

You are so beautiful! Wow girl!

chels.e. said...

i am in looovvvee with that blue dress!!!
you are too cute! i love the outfit posts...keep 'em commin'

Miss Bias said...

Great necklace and ankle boots.

Miss Bias

carlotta said...

love your outfit - your shoes are to die for!

Anonymous said...

That color looks sooo good on u! i also love the contrast with the shoes!

hope you have a great weekend Miyan!

<3 megan

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I hope it went well!
You look great, I would totally wear what your wearing.
& self timer on my digi cam is my new BFF.