March 5, 2011

my lust list

flowy maxi skirts

over accessorizing
 lost links (my bad!)


cool cut-outs

what's on your lust list lately?


mjaguilera said...

I love all of these looks you posted! Those maxi skirts are just so dreamy.

Anonymous said...

i definitely have to agree with you on overaccessorizing and maxis are my lusts!

<3 megan

HeatherClark said...

ahh i concur with each of these

Sophie said...

love your whole list. im obsessed with maxi skirts these days. x

jackiek said...

i've been over accessorizing lately, so i'm glad to know it's lust worthy :) i love the maxi skirt trend, but i don't know if i can pull it off. love the cool cut outs though! other things i'm lusting over are the grunge look pieces: denim shirts, thick boots, wool socks.

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

Acessories, the more the merrier!


TOPCOAT said...

Amazing inspiration!
My lust list is a lot like yours, but also including a Prada handbag and a Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case! xx


ooo i love that nail polish hue w that ring!

great lust list,