September 11, 2012

a homecoming

today we picked up dekel's brother, geva, from the airport in tel aviv, he arrived home after a 3-month long trip from the states, where he worked 2 months out of that time as a camp counselor in wimberly, texas and where he got to travel his little heart out for the last month. he visited my family in dallas, went to new york, miami and washington dc. needless to say he had a blast, but he was missed!

dekel and i suprised him when we picked him up because we told him we would meet him at the train station, so his face was priceless when he finally saw us with this sign  :)

"yoashi" is his nickname


Kirsten said...

Oh, I bet that was an awesome surprise!

P.S. Still love your hair. : )

Anait said...

So sweet of you guys to surprise him! Airport surprises are the best, especially when you've been gone for a while.

Wonder if he'll move to the states, too? :)

Yay packages! I'll be sending you one towards the end of the month once I collect some goodies!

Anonymous said...

this is so weird my friend has 3 children....miyan, dekel and geva. she is pregnant. what are your other siblings called???