November 9, 2011

winter wants

now that cold weather has hit israel,
need want some new winter items.

like this lovely item:
these tall boots & tall socks:
a pair of amazingly high waisted, loose legged jeans:
a beautiful double breasted peacoat:
a chunky, cuddly warm knit for the couch:
more scarves:
cute, little mittens:
a great big, colorful umbrella:

what's on your winter wishlist?


Vivian said...

I love every single thing on your list!!!!!

Tori said...

I LOVE my infinity scarf from american apparel. Its so big and chunky, I've even used it as a blanket on the plane rides :)

I'm on the lookout for lots of these pieces! Be sure to post anything you find!


kristina@beancakes ★ said...

oh my gosh i love all of your wants! especially that knit cape!!
xx ~ k
p.s. cute blog!