November 22, 2011

feeling feminine

i dont usually dress "girly," but this i think this outfit is exactly that. this skirt is one i scored at some random store here in israel for like 12 bucks and this top i fell in love with from forever 21. i would have never thought to pair the two together, but i think it works well....for a very feminine look. i tried toughening it up with black tights and black shoes from aldo. i also added an arm party & blazer to make it work (and weather!) appropriate.

what do you think?
a little music makes it more fun  :)

hope you are having a great week so far! happy tuesday!!!


Anait said...

Love this outfit, girl! And the arm + dance party :) I think it would also look great with a leather jacket. I'm on the hunt for black boots like those, although I might just put that on hold since winter is coming and snow + ice + heels =accident waiting to happen! xx

rebecca said...

perfect! love your black boots.

Maria said...

you look cute!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom

Cinched Waist said...

How girly! Love the sweet look!

Stay Cinched,
Cinched at the Waist