November 2, 2014

back at highschool

here we are at 9 am yesterday morning, with my triple grande, sugar-free vanilla, soy latte in hand, practicing our photography skills in early morning light, since we will be photographing the epperson family next weekend around the mckinney square :)

we just came up to jj pearce, which is right down the street from our house, and played with our camera to yield some cool shots. after i got tired of practicing (& my fingers froze! it was 40 degrees this morning!) i had dekel take some outfit photos  to show off my new necklace, my lovely bohemian feather earrings and my new boots


 using a low f-stop for a more blurred background effect, playing with depth-of-field
had to hold my hair back in order to display my feather earrings...
...beacause it was windy as hell! 

thanks for reading!

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