November 21, 2012

be your own kind of beautiful

i'm always curious to know what little "perks" make people them, so today i thought it would be fun to share a few random weirdnesses about myself. things that make me me.

1. i hate when the shower curtain is left open after showering
2. sneeze attacks happen to me at least twice a day
3. i like my coffee so, so 3-sweet 'n' lows-in-one-cup sweet
4. i use my hair straightener if i need to iron a shirt
5. i always back into parking places
6. when buying a baguette at the store, i always take a bite out of it before even getting home checking out
7. i can't stand when there are fruit chunks in yogurt, unless its coconut

what makes you you?

1 comment :

jackiek said...

hahahaha i iron things with my straightener too!!! good to know I'm not alone in that.

what makes me me:
i sip my coffee all day. i'm the slowest coffee drinker ever.