May 4, 2010

new and improved

I recently gave my blog a makeover and in turn, it feels like I gave myself one as well!

This blog really is a part of me. It has been a way for me to communicate some of my "overseas" experiences with friends and family for obvious reasons. And now, I would like to redirect this blog to be more socially acceptable and inspirational. I hope to create posts that spark enthusiasm and happiness, and not just blab about my personal life, dramas all the time. So, bare with me while these changes occur and I experiment with my writing/ blogging style. I have changed my header at least 3 times already and found out how to create a 3-columb blog, which I am loving so much more than the original template- thank you marli


Anonymous said...

That's a great attitude Marli! And I love the cat in the bowl <3

kirstyb said...

lovely blog x


Thanks for following me:) Your life sounds so interesting abroad! You said your boyfriend is in the military, is that why you moved there? That's true love!

xo, kristin

HeatherClark said...

looking forward to your new posts! it took me a while to find my blog style and i still am experimenting all the time...have fun with it :)

thanks for entering my giveaway !